Play the Funnest Fungi and Mushroom Games

Mushbits 2

screenshot of Mushbits 2 game

Should you be a little bored of traditional puzzle games or physics-based works of flash-based entertainment, it could be Mushbits 2 that shakes things up for you. With a soft and colourful aesthetic and a simple concept made interesting by a number of features and rules that vary the gameplay, you’ll fall in love with solving each puzzle to get the weird rabbit-like creatures to their muffin-like mushrooms that they may very well be part of one giant, colourful, and challenging hallucination.

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Mushroom Madness 3

screenshot of Mushroom Madness 3 game

It’s always best to ignore the obvious and sickening “fun guy” jokes when it comes to mushrooms in favour of pointing out that in this case we have an action-packed defense game in the form of Mushroom Madness 3. Defend the mushrooms on the screen from a variety of different animals that will arrive in waves to try and commit the daylight robbery of your floor-dwelling fungi. Guns, bombs, grenades, and a bunch of weapons capable of inflicting blunt-force trauma are all up for grabs for use in the defense of your mushrooms, which you must protect at all costs. 

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Mushroom Madness 4

Like they say in flash game school, “there ain’t no madness like mushroom madness”, and this is in spite of flash game school not actually being a thing, so this mushroom madness must be pretty damn good. I haven’t lost my mind, I’m just referring to the Mushroom Madness series of games which as the title suggests, include a series of titles that involve protecting your precious mushrooms from waves of pesky animals trying to swipe your mushrooms right from under your nose. Protecting your mushrooms doesn’t just involve moving them about or building fences, oh my no: the only defense involved in the game is actually 100% offense, with mallets, maces, pisols, shotguns, bombs, and various other weapons available for use against these animals whose fate is an inevitable one that not only involves not getting their hands on your mushrooms but also them ceasing to be in the physical sense, i.e. dying. As brutal as it sounds, the whole thing is rather fun and Mushroom Madness 3 is the most recent incarnation of the mushroom-defending series. I sure hope Mushroom Madness 4 springs up sometime soon, and I hope the following features and ideas are in line with other people’s desires on the sequel’s content.

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