Mushbits 2 Game

Mushbits 2 – A stunningly stylish tile-based puzzle game with the ability to jolt into action some brain cells you never even knew you had

The James Blunt of the Culinary World

Whether the mushroom got invited to the party because he was a “fungi” or whether his fellow squishy friends felt obligated to allow him to attend because his not-so-fun fungus girlfriend just left him for a bigger, better, more colourful mushroom is irrelevant: the fact remains that mushrooms are the James Blunt of the culinary world; they aren’t necessary, but since they are here they are pretty pleasant in a soft, inoffensive way, and their singles are easy on the ear. Take a bunch of colourful mushrooms and stick them into a tile-based puzzle game, however, and you’ve gone and made fungus about one hundred times more interesting. Before, I would have thought of porcini mushroom soup and hallucinations when mushrooms were mentioned, but now all I can see is the duo of red and blue mushbits in Z3lf’s Mushbits 2 hopping about on tiles of their native colour trying to get to their mushy mushroom snack as clouds with different facial expressions fly by in a background that might as well be a hallucination. This view on mushrooms definitely beats that traditional one, but this game also has other benefits while it’s in our lives as well.

There’s not Mushroom to Move

The game’s simple concept involves guiding each rabbit-like creature across tiles of the same colour in order to reach the mushroom on the other side that it wants to nibble on. Each mushbit (read: rabbit-like creature) can only travel over tiles of its own colour and movement is achieved by using the mouse to click your tiny mushbit and drag the mouse over the path that you wish to travel. Stars are earned by completing each level in a pre-indicated number of moves, and earning certain numbers of stars rewards you with a few perks in the form of some beneficial tweaks to the tiles or the variables that make things a little easier.

The game isn’t as easy as the colourful and visually-attractive aesthetic may lead you to believe it is. For one thing, the tiles you hop over change to the opposite colour (red to blue, blue to red) when a mushbit walks over them, and there are a few different tiles that you have to get to grips with and utilise in your puzzling efforts to get to the mushroom/cupcake/tasty treat. Both mushbits are able to jump on a gold platform, for example, and there are moveable platforms, freeze platforms, platforms that must be unlocked, and invert-colour platforms: this variety adds up to a mightily puzzling situation as each level becomes more complex, but the difficulty builds slowly enough for you to get your head around the whole thing.

There’s Spore Where That Came From

Mushbits 2 is quite the charming little example of a brilliant tile-based puzzle game whose crisp, simple concept is matched by a vibrant and eccentric design. The colour scheme is solid and straightforward but the sky blues, pretty pinks and glorious golds make for a deliberately soft aesthetic, while the background clouds with moustaches and giant cats bring the whole thing closer to a hallucination than most other games you’ll see out there. The game isn’t so much of a sequel as an expansion or level pack to add on to the original Mushbits since the gameplay is unchanged, but this doesn’t change the fact that Mushbits 2 is a fantastic and charming puzzle game to squeeze your brain of all of its predicament-solving capabilies.