Mushroom Madness 3 Game

Mushroom Madness 3 – A point-and-shoot action-defense game that makes fun out of fungi

Athlete’s Rarebit

I like to think of myself as being pretty open-minded about food, and I have some willing taste buds that are more than happy to encounter new foods and flavours on a daily basis. There are very few foods that I don’t like, but one food that makes up about 99% of this category is the seemingly innocent and unassuming mushroom. Firstly, the concept of eating the fruiting body of a fungus is quite repulsive to me, and this comes from someone that isn’t too bothered about extending the ‘5 second rule’ beyond the five minute mark, if not hours after the droppage.  You know what else is a fungus? Athletes foot, and you wouldn’t shove that on some toast and call it rarebit now, would you? The edibility and worthiness of mushrooms’ in the culinary sphere isn’t the focus of this review, however, but is a lovely (if a little manufactured) segue into the mushroom-protecting madness of Mushroom Madness 3.

Culling With Purpose

Put your chopping knives away; Mushroom Madness 3 is concerned with the protection of a variety of fungi from waves of wild animals trying to line their stomachs with them, so grab a mallet and choose from a selection of firearms for use in the war against the pilfering of mushrooms, a crime apparently punishable by death. The aim is simply to stop waves of animals from coming in and taking your mushrooms away by using the mouse to smash them with a variety of unlockable melee weapons and shoot them with a selection of different guns that you collect throughout the game. Victory in each level depends on whether you managed to save the mushrooms and there are also some objective-based points to be won by achieving certain things like destroying trees and collecting crystals and diamonds, and money is earned by ending the lives of the offending animals. It’s all pretty familiar stuff if you’ve played the original Mushroom Madness or Mushroom Madness 2, and it’s simple enough to pick up if you haven’t.

Copious Content Quantities

 Not only do you have some solid and tightly-organised gameplay, you have a huge quantity of content to earn, with various weapons like a pistol, shotgun, mini gun, grenades, and bombs to purchase and also a series of increasingly powerful melee weapons that range from a slipper to a full-on mallet that looks like it is actually the Hammer of Thor. There are also upgrades to various attributes such as firearms damage, rate of fire, and ammo capacity, all of which can be purchased with the cash you earn during each stage. Different game modes about in which you can practice your skills during multiple variations on the same basic idea, with modes like survival, adventure, and animal rush being just a few of the wide selection available.

No Spore Mr Nice Guy

Mushroom Madness 3 is definitely an improvement on its predecessors, with new levels, weapons, modes, and other features that make it considerably more fun to play and give it more longevity than ever. Silen Games have ensured that the great gameplay mixes with some smart, smooth, and stylish graphics to produce an action-defense game that is sure to become a classic of the genre in no time, if it hasn’t already become so whilst I am writing this very sentence.