Mushroom Madness 4 Game

Like they say in flash game school, “there ain’t no madness like mushroom madness”, and this is in spite of flash game school not actually being a thing, so this mushroom madness must be pretty damn good. I haven’t lost my mind, I’m just referring to the Mushroom Madness series of games which as the title suggests, include a series of titles that involve protecting your precious mushrooms from waves of pesky animals trying to swipe your mushrooms right from under your nose. Protecting your mushrooms doesn’t just involve moving them about or building fences, oh my no: the only defense involved in the game is actually 100% offense, with mallets, maces, pisols, shotguns, bombs, and various other weapons available for use against these animals whose fate is an inevitable one that not only involves not getting their hands on your mushrooms but also them ceasing to be in the physical sense, i.e. dying. As brutal as it sounds, the whole thing is rather fun and Mushroom Madness 3 is the most recent incarnation of the mushroom-defending series. I sure hope Mushroom Madness 4 springs up sometime soon, and I hope the following features and ideas are in line with other people’s desires on the sequel’s content.Continue Reading

Mushroom Madness 4 Game has not yet been developed, why not play one of our other Mushroom Games below:

Mushroom Madness 4 – Celebrating a prospective sequel one idea and improvement suggestion at a time

You Gave Me Weapons, I want an Arsenal

A great deal of the enjoyment that I squeezed out of Mushroom Madness 3 was directly related to the grinding for money and the purchasing of bigger, better weapons with which to batter, shoot, electrocute, and generally ruin the lives of the interfering animals that are so bent on stealing all of your mushrooms. After a while, however, it can get a little tiresome cycling through the same weapons over and over again, so what is the obvious solution here? Well, it’s either that I stop moaning and learn to appreciate the firearms available or I hope for more weapons in larger quantities and of increased deadliness in Mushroom Madness 4.

I’m talking about a series of weapons that Gordon Freeman would be proud of, ranging from a variety of pistols (as opposed to just the one)and  a few different shotgun types (entry, sawed-off) to some more serious weapons like flamethrowers, ice guns, shrink rays, and pretty much anything that fictional science could come up with, which due to the nature of being fictional, is quite literally anything in the world and/or universe that can be thought up by the developers.

A Mode a Day Keeps the Haters Away

I am definitely not criticising Mushroom Madness 3 for not having enough modes here, because it most definitely had a rich selection of these for the player to get stuck into once the main adventure mode was over and done with, but firstly, there could be a wider selection of levels within adventure mode for us to work through. Secondly, one or two extra modes could also increase the longevity of the game even more. Perhaps a build mode where instead of killing the animals, you must quickly build enclosures that trap them in place until perhaps they die of sheer hunger because they couldn’t get to the mushrooms in time. Alternatively, there could be a similar mode where you must hastily build paths or boundaries that lead the animals away from the mushrooms and towards a deadly fate such as off the edge of a cliff or a large drop. There’s no sadism or maliciousness towards animals behind this, I just think it is quite a cool suggestion.

Is it just me, or would Mushroom Madness 4 benefit from a whole host of new animals to massacre for mushroom-defense purposes? I think that introducing different animals of increased/varying ability and patterns of movement would further shake things up without changing up the game’s successful format whatsoever. Some deer or other woodland wildlife would be welcome, plus the opportunity for some kind of sniping/hunting mode game or other animals are hunted through a first-person scoped view would be wide open for the developing, right Silen Games